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Stephen M. Jornov - Owner/Craftsman



Countertop is 38" wide x 64" Long x 1-1/2" Thick and was constructed from glued up Cherry boards. Finish is four coats of hand rubbed Food Safe Salad Bowl Finish. It overhangs the cabinets 10" on near edge and 12" along front.

PRICE: $ 1,000.00 - $ 1,100.00

Corners were radiused with a 1-1/2" Radius and all other corners have a 1/8" radius. All surfaces were sanded to 400 grit prior to application of the finish.

Reclaimed Pine

Countertop is 21" wide x 50" Long x 1-1/2" Thick and was constructed from glued up Reclaimed Pine Boards for an old Barn. Stained with a custom blend stain and Finish is Three coats of Semi-gloss Polyurethane. It overhangs the wall 10" on Kitchen Side and 5" on Dining Room Side.

PRICE: $ 450.00 - $ 550.00

Glued up and Sanded Countertop blank. All Edges have been radiused with a 1/4" radius to soften the edge when you rest your arm on the countertop. All checks, worm holes and original defects have been left as intact as possible to give the finished item some Patina.