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Stephen M. Jornov - Owner/Craftsman

ALL ITEMS ARE CUSTOM BUILT TO THE CUSTOMERS REQUIRMENTS such as Wood Type(s), Interior Configuration and Exterior Trim and Hardware as well as Stain and Finish Coat.


COFFEE TABLE: The table is constructed from Cabinet Grade Plywood and Reclaimed Pine. It is 20" Wide x 48" Long x 18" High. Base was painted to match customer's trim in room. Top has Four coats of Gloss Polyurethane. Shelves are adjustable every 1" and can be placed in either side section.

Price: $ 400.00 - $ 450.00

TABLE TOP: Top was made for a single Reclaimed Pine board. It is 5/4" thick x 20" wide. It was sanded smooth but not flat. Smalll Board is the remains of the original board.

DRAWER: Drawer is 4" Deep x 10" Wide X 18" Long. It has a Reclaimed Pine Front. The drawer slides both ways and rides on slick strip material for ease of motion. Finish on the drawer front is four coats of Gloss Polyurethane.